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Everyone worries at times.

It's a normal part of growing, changing and learning. But worry and anxiety can also become powerful and restrictive, disrupting families in ways that lead to avoidance, missed school, outbursts, conflict, and depression if left untreated.

Welcome to my website, where you’ll discover what I offer to both families dealing with worry and anxiety, and professionals and educators looking for training and approaches to handle anxiety in their clients and students.

Over the past 30 years I’ve developed and taught strategies that are concrete and immediately usable. The skills I teach go after the patterns that keep anxiety in charge of families and children, sometimes for generations.

My practice is rooted firmly in the belief that such strategies can be taught to anyone looking to overcome anxiety, handle pressure situations, and manage the challenges of daily life.

I invite you to listen to my podcast, Flusterclux, where I share so many of my strategies to manage anxiety that I give the families I treat in my practice.