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How do I find a good therapist?

I often get requests for referrals that have a treatment approach similar to mine. These requests come from people in my community and from parents all over the country. At times, I have someone I know and trust will be a good fit, but more often than not, I cannot provide specific referrals.

The best referrals often come from other parents, your school, or your pediatrician.
When looking for a therapist, seek out true specialists in anxiety (particularly with children and teens). Don’t be afraid to ask a potential therapist about his or her experience treating anxiety disorders and OCD.

Those most closely aligned to my approach would use a cognitive-centered approach, involve parents as an integral part of treatment, and give you and your child consistent, active homework assignments between sessions. I also believe that active treatment should begin from the moment a family enters my office.

Even while a therapist is establishing a connection with you and your child, you can and should be getting to work. In fact, I find that my connection and relationship with families deepens when we get to work right away!