Events for Professionals


Treating Anxious Families:
Active and Process-Based Approaches to Get Families Moving

October 19 – 20, 2023

Because anxiety is the most common mental health issue in both adults and children, it’s impossible to be in clinical practice and not have anxious families show up, desperate for help. The demand for skilled specialists is high, and clinicians should be using the most effective, active, and creative strategies and an approach that does not inadvertently strengthen anxiety and reinforce anxious family patterns. This two day live VIRTUAL workshop will focus on HOW to get families engaged from the start with an active approach that is direct, skill-based, and works to decrease accommodations and safety behaviors. 


An Anxiety Masterclass: 
Creative and Experiential Strategies for Anxious Clients

September 13 – 14, 2023 in Manchester, NH 

This IN PERSON workshop is for licensed mental health professionals in clinical practice who have familiarity with a process-based approach to treating anxiety. *This is not an introductory program. 

This masterclass will be experiential, with an emphasis on identifying therapeutic targets, creating homework assignments, and using visualization, imaginal and hypnotic processes to enhance your clinical work with anxious clients of all ages. Although the emphasis will be on anxiety, the common presentation of anxiety/depression will be addressed. Space is limited. 

Events for Parents

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Events for School-Based Professionals

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