Events for Parents

We’re going to do our second parenting retreat at the amazing Canyon Ranch October 22-24.

Raising Courageous & Independent Children With Lynn Lyons

I’m excited to resume in-person parenting retreats this fall.
Because I cannot take on new clients, this is a great way to work with me to shift the role anxiety and worry plays in your family culture, for you and for your kids.

Refuel your parenting tank and gain new skills

2021 Parenting Retreat by flusterclux

Experience a luxury retreat to refuel our parenting tanks with community, laughter, incredible spa cuisine, wine tastings, and fantastic swag. Register at Eventbrite.

We recognize a Canyon Ranch weekend isn’t a fit for everyone, and we will be announcing more retreat models for 2022. Stay tuned for details, and enjoy the podcast for more event information as it becomes available.

Events for Professionals

Registration is now open for my LIVE full day virtual training June 4, 2021 (6 CEs included)

Anxious Families: How to Use Process, Parents, and Homework to Get Families Moving

f you’re in clinical practice, having a clear and active approach with anxious families is essential. Many of you are familiar with my approach and this 6 hour training is designed to further hone your skills.  We’ll focus on identifying the important targets for treatment, creating homework assignments for families, working directly with parents, and, above all, ACTIVELY engaging families as quickly as possible. We’ll dig deep into the process and skill-based approach that helps sidestep the common traps: getting stuck in the content, the use of reassurance and avoidance, and an emphasis on elimination strategies.

This workshop is intended for licensed mental health professionals in clinical practice.