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What can I do right now to deal with the anxiety in my family?

Treatment Options for Families

I do maintain a private practice in Concord, New Hampshire, but I rarely take on new families for ongoing therapy. I cannot work with the number of families who contact me for treatment, but under certain circumstances, I offer the following options for parents and their children:

Two-Hour Consultations

Two hour consultations are either with parents alone or with parents and children together. Generally, we have a single meeting and may then decide to meet for another session several weeks or even months later. These work best for families looking for a concrete approach that they can implement without regular or frequent meetings. Parents are required to attend all sessions and the ability to schedule flexibly is a must. Evening and after school appointments are not available for consults.

Intensive Family Consultations

Parents that live a distance away may decide that a trip to Concord for a few days of intensive work is a good treatment option. Typically families will come to Concord for 2 days during the week (not weekends) and meet with me for several hours per day. The exact schedule is created for each individual family and circumstance. The most usual arrangement is two sessions (of two hours) on day one, and a two hour session on day two.

Workshops and Presentations

I do many presentations and workshops for parents. They are often sponsored by school districts and are free and open to all. Check out the Calendar section on the site, or contact me about scheduling a customized workshop for your organization or community.

Weekend Parenting Retreats

I present intensive workshops for parents and offer private consultations at various parenting retreats hosted by Luxe Recess. These retreats are meant to be restorative and connecting weekends with a small number of other parents. Luxe Recess designs luxury retreats featuring outstanding accommodations, food, and experiences in addition to the hands on information and consultation I provide parents.